Start Learning To Play The Guitar Today

If you are just a beginner guitar enthusiast or a person with a little bit of musical knowledge then online guitar lessons are just what you need to perfect your craft. Like me, having a hectic schedule whether it’s work or school sometimes makes it inconvenient to keep appointments with a guitar teacher or school.


Having a family, lots of friends and either a busy school or work schedule makes it difficult to learn a new skill like playing guitar. Since the internet has evolved so much, more and more people are getting education online. This of course is not just limited to online universities and such, but also online guitar lessons which is exactly the reason you are here!

Free Online Guitar Lessons

You can find a wealth of free guitar tutorials online and a lot of them are great resources. However you have to ask yourself if these free lessons are just as good as paid lessons? Usually free lessons are a way to get your foot into the door to something paid. If you’ve been online for a while you will already have experience with this – get something for free for now, but pay later. You know the saying, “you get what you pay for” so think about this first. You can always start with some free lessons and then move forward with a paid version. However sometimes starting with a paid version can offer more benefits because they are tailored to your level of skill.

To get an idea of what a free guitar lesson is like, it usually starts with the instructor telling you how to hold the guitar. From there they move onto talking about strings and frets. After that, they get right into how to┬ádo chords. The only thing wrong with this is that they won’t teach you the fundamentals – musical theory, notes, chords and other concepts that are important for you to know. This builds a foundation for you to understand and become a better player faster.

Now if you are just looking to “play around” so to speak, where when you are at a friend’s house and see a guitar and want to impress a girl or a guy with your guitar skills and just play something basic, then yes maybe free online guitar lessons are for you. However, if you really want to learn how to play well then you might want to invest a few bucks into paid lessons.

To give you an analogy, free lessons teach you like you would teach a parrot to say a word. The parrot has no idea what the word means, but knows the sound and how to say it. You’re not a parrot are you? You need to understand the core concepts and fundamentals if you want to really step things up.

Free Lessons Aren’t All Bad

So I am not saying that all free lessons are bad. Some are pretty good actually. Some instructors can teach some basic skills really well while others just confuse. The issue with free courses is that they teach you only the basics and then expect you to just jump right into playing. It just doesn’t work that way.

While it is true that playing the guitar is not a spectator’s sport, free lessons cannot expect people to pick things up so quick, unless you’re a natural. This is where free lessons lack. They expect you to be at least an average guitar player after just a few lessons. You need baby steps if you’re going to learn anything.

How Does One Learn How to Play?

The best approach is to start right away with an accredited online guitar school. Hey, if you’re serious about playing the guitar then you’re going to have to invest your time and a little bit of money. Psychologically it has been proven that when someone is given something for free, they hold less value to it. When you pay for something, it becomes more valuable. So think about this when it comes to online guitar lessons. If you pay for a course online you are going to be much more motivated to learn because of the investment. Invest in yourself and get started properly. The choice is yours how you wish to proceed.