What Guitar Should I Buy

So you want do buy a guitar, do you? The next logical step then is to stop thinking about it and start doing your research. There are many types of guitars out there, so let’s look at your options.

What Guitars are Available in a Guitar Shop?

The Classical Guitar

Also known as the Spanish Guitar, it has nylon strings and makes a nice, soft mellow sound. This guitar would be suitable for classical music and also for soft type songs with a lot of finger playing.

For me, I remember a friend of mine growing up having one of these guitars. His father was a teacher also but at the time I just didn’t seem too interested in playing. Too bad!

Now I really enjoy the Spanish guitar because I’m into rock and blues music. Believe it or not you can bend the strings on a classical guitar, not that easy but once you’re used to it, it’s doable! classical-guitar

Steel Strung Flat top Guitars

These are great guitars for strumming using a plectrum  – or a pick, whatever you prefer to call it as it’s the same thing. As you probably know, these guitars are great for solos.

Personally I play with my steel strung guitar mostly and with a pick. The steel strings make a great sound that I like.  A downside to these guitars is that they get harder to play when playing quick and vigourously.

Electric Guitars electric-guitar

Everyone’s favorite I am sure. These guitars have electromagnetic pickups which I am sure you have seen. They are those funny things right under where you strum. Their purpose is to transfer the vibrations from the stings into what is referred to as currents. In an amplifier these currents become sounds. Amazing stuff.

Since direct sound from an electric guitar is not at all important (try playing one not connected to an amp – it sounds terrible) then you only need light strings which makes it very easy to bend.

I have a slick red Fender Telecaster that I mostly play because of the crisp clean sound I get from it. I can play different type of music which makes it very versatile.  Of course, there are many other electric guitars that you can buy, just do your due diligence.

Today, you can find some great and inexpensive guitars from brands like Ibanez, Fender or Yamaha.

So as a beginner, if you are one, talk to an accomplished guitar player I you know one to help you decide on the right guitar for you to buy. You can also talk to a guitar shop and have them help you decide. They have to be trusted because obviously they are trying to make money and might offer a higher priced guitar than what you need. Stick to something basic for your first guitar. You can always upgrade later if you wish.

Hope you liked this guide on guitars and answered your question  “What guitar should I buy.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that question! Your next step is to decide what guitar lessons are for you.

If you’re ever not sure, feel free to drop me a note anytime.

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